Monday, 26 September 2011

2010 July 9-11th, Oslo, Norway

When I first arrived in London, I found out how easy it was to get everywhere, by booking myself a quick trip to visit my tattooist in Oslo.  Sasha had been living there for a few months already and she offered a bed in her lounge for me over a long weekend.  
Not only was this my first weekend away since being in London.  It was my first EVER weekend away - period!  Yes ladies, I was 27 and had NEVER been taken away for a long weekend :) (thankfully this has changed now!)

 This was at the beautiful Frogner Park in Olso.  The day was perfect as you can see. Barely a cloud in the sky!

 I couldn't believe how clean everything was.  From the ground to the water coming from the taps.  It was a perfect weekend away and I hope to one day return the favor to Sash and Dave if they are ever up this way again.

This was the view from their flat.  Isn't it pretty?

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