Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Balls of Fury Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Balls of Fury Workout

I completed this workout this morning before going for a run - which I am hopefully now in the mood to do! :)

1. Side Plank Burpee - 14-11-11-10
2. Reptile Butt Lift - 19-19-20-21
3. Jump Up & Ugi Squat – 21-20-22-21

Note:  I don’t have an ugi ball so I did the side plank burpees and reptile butt lift with my own body weight.  Still felt a massive burn!  For the Jump up & Ugi squat, I just did squat jumps with a 2.5kg/5.5lb weight above my head.  Man, my shoulders and legs were burning after that!
Which BodyRock have you done today? :)
Original post dated 20th August 2011

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