Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brunette Beating Blonde Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Brunette Beating Blonde Workout

Since the work gym was closed AGAIN today, this time due to a faulty water main - I rushed home to complete this workout.  The best thing was - Matt joined in! YAY!  I don’t know if we have a new convert to BodyRock.Tv or not, but he finished the workout and didn’t give up :)

Flying High Knees:  M 6-6-4-4……..J 8-8-7-8
Side to side pike jumps:  M 32-23-24-21……J  60-46-47-41
Reverse Crunch:  M  11-18-12-13…….J  22-22-21-19
Side Lunge/Touch ground (we had to complete with this modification as we didnt have anything the right height to step up to):  M  18-20-17-22……J  25-23-24-24
Super Girl/Super Boy push up:  M 3-0-3-4….. J  13-7-9-9

P.s Matt’s thoughts on his first BodyRock.Tv workout are “This was torture - but good torture”…

Original post dated 11th August 2011

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