Friday, 30 September 2011

Chest & Triceps @ The Gym

Today started off pretty well with a nice warm walk to work.  I don't know how long it will be here for, but it appears Summer is trying to have another go in London right now!? Bring it on for the weekend I say!

I took it fairly easy at the gym today as I am still nursing a sore back.  It is much better than it was yesterday or right after I pulled a muscle - but we all know rushing recovery is a bad thing!

Incline DB press with 7kg
Flat bench flys with 4kg
Tricep dips x 12
Ez bar triceps with 7kg
Overhead triceps with 8kg
Cable tricep pull down with 6kg

Followed by some easy situps (making sure not to twist my back the wrong way) making up 250 in total.

When I got back to my desk my arms were feeling like jelly - which I love.  Makes me feel like I pushed myself and am getting somewhere!

Once my back is fully recovered, I am going to start training for a non-existent 5k race.  I haven't found one I would like to enter yet, however I want to start training for it anyways.  I hope to get one in before we leave for Cape Town at the end of November.  YAY for a holiday!

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