Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fat Burning Poker Face Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Fat Burning Poker Face Workout

This is the BodyRock workout I completed today.  I had to make a few modifications to suit what I have to work with and my ability.  I was totally wiped out when I was done and the sweat was dripping off me (clearly way more than from the NTC I did as a warm up!).  Click on the video or link above to see details on the workout.

Surfer:                                  10-9-8-9
Left High Knee & Crunch      15-15-15-16.5
Right High Knee & Crunch:  15-15-15-16.5
*Note:  I had to do these in my kitchen and use the benches to do the knee raises.  I couldn’t swing my leg over the bench, so I did the best I could

123 Pushup:                      12-11-11-13
Ninja Jump:                        7-8-9-8
Note:  This was the first time I tried a workout with a ninja jump so I didn’t do the sandbag lift once the jump was completed.  It took all my energy and balance to get the ninja jump right.  I will definitly be using a weight the next time I do this workout though.

Original post dated 21st June 2011

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