Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Fitness is Sexy Workout

I completed this workout today after my 4K interval run.  I am pretty stoked firstly, to say, I don’t usually go for a jog anymore.  It’s turned into a run these days as I feel very fast and comfortable running at a faster pace.

Matt managed to drag himself out of bed for this workout as well today, so I was pretty impressed!  Perhaps my motivation and enthusiasm has been rubbing off?

Low Jacks:  Jenn - 23-22-21-22-23-24… Matt - 15-18-19-18-19-20
Bicycle:  Jenn - 26-23-24-27-27-30…  Matt - 18-17-12-10-15-11
Dancing Crab:  Jenn - 15-16-16-17-18-17… Matt - 11-14-12-12-15-18 (w/some beginner mods)
Ninja Jump Tuck:  Jenn 5-4-4-5-5-5..   Matt:  2-4-3-4-4-5 (w/some beginner mods)

Original post dated 14th August 2011

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