Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Funday!

errr.. Well note really.  Today was one of those days at work that you just really want to end quickly.  At my work pace we are all lucky enough to finish at 4:30pm on a Friday (which is fantastic); however Friday is usually my busiest days and I tend to either go in early, or work through my lunch break.  Therefore, making the hour early-mark, fairly pointless.

However, the day started out pretty well as I managed to score a lift early into work with Matt (he was driving into Notting Hill early to watch SA vs Samoa).  I took full advantage of being able to use the work gym in this instance!

Workout Today
10mins warm up level 12 random on elliptical trainer
Seated dumbell press at 7kg
DB front raise at 4kg
Shoulder press at 20kg
Lateral raise at 4
Bent over rear delt raise at 3kg
Hanging knee raises 

1 COMPLETE PULL UP!!  Very excited about this.  Yes,  I could only do one.. but one is still one right? :)

For lunch us girls went out to the local Nando's which was lovely.  Being stuffed in a small booth on a hot day in a restaurant that has no air conditioning made us all a bit sweaty, especially with the Peri Peri sauce!   I had a vege pitta which was lovely.  Hold the side of chips please! Not only am I trying to be healthy, but I am also a bit of a tight a*# so that worked out well, to tell you the truth.

When I got home, I was a bit peckish as I didn't have anything at work for my regular afternoon snack.  I made myself up a quesadilla with left over chicken, left over salad and some laughing cow cheese.

Just about hit the spot!  A little later I decided to have something sweet as a night cap :)  
Greek yoghurt with some frozen strawberries and blue berries. 

What is your favorite evening sweet tooth snack? x

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