Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hands Free Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Hands Free Workout

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today I was up pretty early as for once, Matt was up early as well.  The Rugby is on and SA were playing Fiji.  Good game and glad the Boks got up em!

I started the morning off with my usual 5km loop to the park, around twice and then back again.  Felt nice and strong - perhaps because of the rest day yesterday?  I love running up hills and feeling my legs working.  Knowing I can power up hills is great and if I feel tired, it’s all in my head.  I KNOW I can do it :)

So, back to BodyRock.  This was a killer for the legs as well!  My scores are below :)

Low jacks:  63/58
Get ups:  9/10
Low jacks:  60/64
Left bridge (no ugi):  19/23
Right bridge (no ugi):  21/22
Low jacks:  59/62
Jump lunge:  25/26
Low jacks:  57/61
Leg lift (no ugi):  18/20
Low jacks:  58/63

Those jump lunges were a killer!  Also, this workout works well with no ugi ball.  I don’t have one so for this workout, instead of finding a replacement, I just completed without.  Next time I will find something to substitute!

Original post dated 17th September 2011

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