Monday, 26 September 2011

Hot Body Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Hot Body Workout 

I knew when I woke up this morning that I was keen to get a BodyRock in today.  I changed my weights program around today as I wasn't feeling like doing legs, yet again.  I completed Biceps & Back today - I will post my weights and reps in another post to follow.

Right, back to BodyRock.  I liked this one, although I couldn't actually complete the reptile push ups.  I had to modify to a step up to reptile, then leave my leg there, push up, and then step back and up to the other leg.  Also, as per usual, I used my kitchen bench corner to complete the knee raises.  One day I will buy a proper dip station! I promise!

My scores for this workout are below - click on the link or video for the tutorial!

Side lunge jump:  47/45/46
Reptile P/U:  19/19/20
V Crunch:  25/27/26
Prisoner squat:  43/50/48
Knee raises:  23/27/27


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