Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm Into You Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Im Into You Workout

This is the workout I completed this morning!  It is kind of hard for me to do the newer ones as I do not have an Ugi ball - but pretty sure I can make a substitute when we move into our new place :)  I am excited!

High Knees with Jump rope:  155-163
Crab to Pike Press:  9-8
High Knees with Jump Rope:  159-167
Reverse Push Ups:  20-21
High Knees with Jump rope:  163-170
Side to Side Lunge with Sandbag:  26-32

Then because I am a BodyRocker, I did 20 knee raises using my kitchen bench as a dip station :)
Note:  I do not have a sandbag so I use my 7.5kg dumbell.  I do not have a dip station so I did reverse pushups under my dining room table.  I can not skip inside so I did regular high knees.  Good luck!!

Original post dated 18th August 2011

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