Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Legs day at the gym

This evening I am settling down in front of the TV with a yummy blue berry and strawberry soy milk smoothie, while Matt is off celebrating his mates birthday.  I would have joined as well, however Monday night and it is a bit far away for me to get home at a reasonable hour, ready for work tomorrow.. Was just a bit too hard :(

Today at the gym was legs day:
Leg extension at 42kgs
Sumo BB squat at 25kg
BB dead lift at 10kg
Lying leg curls at 25kg
Seated calf raise at 70kg
Standing calf raise at 25kgs

I felt like I needed something more after this workout - hence, the BodyRock in my earlier post :)
I hope you guys had a good day.  What kind of workout did you do today?

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