Friday, 30 September 2011

My old gym program - In case you wanted it!

Ok so my tummy is so white it could be used as a light house or homing beacon. Tee hee

Work out program was something like this:
1 mile warm up on treadmill

20 push ups
20 burpees
20 tricep dips
3 min on rower level 10 keeping rpm over 40
Rest and water

20 shoulder press (4kg weights)
2 x 20 squats (5kg weights)
20 lateral raises (4kg weights)
3min on treadmill starting at level 11.5 and increasing .5 every 30sec to 3min complete
Rest and water

20 push ups
20 squat thrusts
20 bicep curls (4kg weights)
20 front raises
Treadmill as above but starting at level 12.
10min on elliptical setting random level 10 for cool down
3 x 30 sec planks
10 x 30 reps various sit ups / ab exercises
I think that was about it!!

Original post 5th August 2011

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