Monday, 26 September 2011

A new adventure begins - Leaving Aus

Well, the time had to come eventually.  I had been planning on moving to London for quite a few years and to be honest, I was the last person who actually expected me to go ahead with it.

This is my beautiful Mum and I at the gate before setting off on a journey I was pretty scared about!  Who knew how long I would be?  Would this be the trip I expected it to be?  Was this going to make my life better or (god forbid) worse than it already felt like? Who knows.. 

 The only way to find out is to get it done right?  Bye Mummy and Pete!  I love you loads and miss you terribly.  I wish we were closer to each other in location, but I always feel your love around me wherever I am in the world.

The rest, is history - and will probably end up on this blog for the world to see :) Welcome to my "improved" life!

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