Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pump It! Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Pump It! Workout

This morning I decided to go back and re-visit one of the first BodyRock workouts I ever did! I was curious to see what my scores would be now - and also, I left choosing a workout pretty late. By the time I got up and got ready it had to be a pretty quick choice, or I would miss out!
Details of my old results can be seen HERE.

Sandbag squats: 32-30-30-29
High Knees (can’t skip inside): 155-155-155-158
Reverse Push Up (under my dining table): 18-18-17-16
Needless to say, I beat my scores in the squats and high knees (and this time around I didn’t do push ups as a modification for those without dip station). Very good way to start the morning!

Original post dated 16th August 2011

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