Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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See Your Abs Workout

This is the workout I completed today before going for a 2km jog.  Very slow jog - didn’t feel good this time so am hanging for the weekend to come :)

My scores for this workout are below.  Modifications were a) I do not have a dip station, so I used the kitchen benches to do the knee raises and b) I can not skip inside so it was regular high knees for me.  Still kicked my ass though - sweat was dripping off me!

Round 1:  63-63-62-63-62-60-62-63
Round 2:  69-66-60-62-50-63-60-62
Round 3:  63-62-62-62-53-63-63-65
Original post dated 23rd June 2011

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