Friday, 30 September 2011

Shopping Spree in May!

When I left my last job, I was lucky enough to be given some vouchers for New Look and also got paid some holiday pay! In preparation for my new job (that I hadn't lined up yet) I decided to go on a shopping spree - taking up my whole first day off!

Shirt and shorts from Primark for GBP17

Boots from New Look for GBP20

Dress and shirt from Primark for GBP18
Two new nail polishes that I purchased from SuperDrug . Barry M in 299 Racing Green and 308 Berry.

And now, finally, you can't go on a shopping day without swinging past your local Nike store can you?

This was my first pair of Nike Temp running shorts.  The start of a beautiful relationship!

After that day, I was exhausted.  Does shopping wipe anyone else out? Even if you go and spend a day during the week, when other people are supposed to be at work - there are still too many people out and about for me and it just gives me a head ache.  However, when I get home and rest up, I am always super pumped to open the bags of goodies and play with my new toys!

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