Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A spoon full of peanut butter makes it better

Wednesday was a good day at the gym.  I always love working on my legs!  The reward when I got home, was BodyRock (as per my last post) and a banana smoothie.  I am trying to recreate the Reeces Milkshake we got from ShakeTastic - and I almost did it!

To this smoothie I added a frozen banana, unsweetened soy milk, PHD whey powder, peanut butter and some cocoa powder.  Getting there and once I have it - I will share the amounts and nutritional information :)

Legs day started with a 10min warm up on the treadmill and then:
Seated leg press with 52kg and 61kg
Leg extensions with 35kg and 42kg
Sumo BB squat with 20kg
Seated leg curl with 20kg and 25kg
Standing calf raises with 30kg
Seated calf raises with 61kg

Finished off with some sit ups and a stretch.  I love lifting weights and making myself stronger, but I am really missing running each day.  I am trying to build muscle for the next few weeks and then trim down with cardio to make my muscles really show.  I have to be in a bikini in November so I have almost 3months to get myself ready :)

Original post dated 15th September 2011

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