Friday, 30 September 2011

Starting fresh with one of my best mates Robbie..

 What you will read below is a super inspiring story of what it took and how it felt for one person to make a healthy lifestyle change.  Make no mistake it can be a hard choice!  Especially when your lifestyle, job and friends make it difficult for you to look after yourself.  It takes courage, strength and determination.  I admire this man for how far he has come.

 I love that we can talk about “healthy stuff” and educate our friends so they can make healthier choices in their lives.  I love that we can share recipes and laugh about how we put agave nectar with asparagus and carrots and ground flax seeds in our smoothies or over our oats.  I love that we are both addicted to BodyRock.Tv and have a strange feeling that Zuzana is now part of our “circle of friends”.  I love that we are same-same, but different.  I love that our same same’s make us super close and our differences makes us even closer.

 I am so happy and proud that Robbie has come this far with no thoughts of ever taking a step back to the lifestyle we both lead, not that long ago…

Only a few months ago my life was dictated by booze, drugs and sausage rolls.  I worked in hospitality and that made it very easy to get stuck in a lifestyle of working nocturnal hours and partying very hard.  I survived on minimal sleep and a diet of alcohol, red bull, cigarettes and fast food. 

 I have always been slim but while living this way; my body had turned scrawny with a beer gut and I lacked energy and zest for life.

 I had been wanting to make some healthy changes in my life, but I never had motivation until a few months ago.

 I realised that I had become a product of my surroundings.  I knew that if I wanted to make a healthy change, I had to change where I was working and who was influencing me.  That was probably the hardest part as many of my friends did not understand why I wanted to make a change and didn’t want to help at all – even though I wanted to change myself for the better!
 Two people in particular were instrumental in this process.  Jenn and my fiancé Ryan.  I had watched Jenn transform in front of me and become the person I was trying to be.  Watching her growth and having her support has been invaluable.  My fiancé has always been a positive influence and will always inspire me to be a better man.  Now I am in the best shape of my life.  I quit smoking, have a limited number of drinks per week and exercise daily.  I contribute by body transformation largely to BodyRock.Tv.  I love Zuzana!!  

 My advice to anyone wanting to make a healthy lifestyle change is to stick with it!  It is so worth it.  I have never been happier and I feel like my life has only just begun.

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