Friday, 30 September 2011

Welcome to the gun show :)

Here are my guns after today’s workout. We are getting there hey? You can see previous pics of my guns from 14th July 2011 and 2nd August 2011 on the links if you want to see my progress. I can see a difference, can you?

Workout for today is listed below:

Treadmill warm up: 10mins
Wide push up - 3 x 12
Bench press with 7kg
Seated row at 21kg
Narrow push up - 3 x 12
Overhead tricep with 8kg
Tricep push down with 14kg
3 x 50 Russian Twists and 20 toe touches with 3kg medicine ball
1 x min plank and 2 x 1min plank with 10 dips per side

Can anyone else remember how I couldn’t do proper form push ups only a matter of weeks ago? Well, today I completed 2 lots of 3 x 12 push ups. If my maths is any good, that’s 72 push ups. I am very pleased with myself to say the least.

Have a great evening, whatever you are up to :) xx

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