Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Arms + Abs + Cardio = A Teriffic Tuesday!

Exercise for the day
Walk to work in 25mins

Warm up elliptical machine, level 12, random setting

Lunch time weights were as follows:
Overhead cable curl 3kg/10 + 2 x 4kg/10
Tricep pulldown 6kg/10 + 2 x 7kg/10
Tricep dips 3 x 15 + Seated overhead tricep 3 x 10kg/10
Skull crushers 3 x 8kg/10
Cable hammer curl 3 x 6kg/10
Alternating hammer curls 2 x 6kg/10 + 7kg/10
24 hanging knee raises

Followed by 30min spin class after work :)
I am sure I earned my dinner today - how about you?

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