Friday, 21 October 2011

Do it! Exercise Challenge - BodyRock.Tv

This morning I completed THIS BodyRock.Tv workout challenge.

The workout was introduced by the following notes - written by Zuzana:

Hi BodyRockers,
I did this challenge as a first thing in the morning just to get some energy going for the day – it works like a miracle. Whenever you feel down, you can always turn to these workouts to help you overcome any emotional stress that you are going through. During an intensive physical exercise like this challenge is impossible to think of all those things that currently bother you and that’s exactly what you need. Your mind will automatically let go of any negative thoughts and your heart will let go of any negative emotions. I felt amazing right after the workout and was able to see things with a clear mind and open heart again. This is the way to start a new week!

I thought this was pretty appropriate for myself right now.  Funny how some things just seem to touch a nerve at the right time hey?  Makes you realise that you are not alone, no matter what troubles or emotional conflicts you may be struggling with.
My scores were 150 squats with my 7.5kg/16.5lb dumbbell and 150 regular pushups (as I do not have a dip station yet)

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