Monday, 17 October 2011

Friday & Monday Gym Workouts

Friday was supposed to be another legs day in my calendar but I was itching for some cardio after not running properly for over a week.  I did get out and run with my Sister when she was in town, but that was a different kind of running ;)

Friday morning I hit the treadmill for some speed work and just basically, to run.  It wasn't an amazingly fast run or anything, but it felt good to stretch the legs and catch up on some MTV dance chart music at the same time.  NOT.  I totally listened to my iPod as I am so sick of listening to what is on MTV right now.

Monday's workout
10mins on the treadmill as a warm up
3 x 15 sets of push ups
4 x 8 sets of tricep press with 10kg
3 x 10 sets of tricep push down with 21kg
3 x 10 skull crushers with 10kg
3 x 8 BB bench press with 8kg
1 x 8 DB incline curl with 8kg
3 x 8 DB incline curl with 7kg

I was actually supposed to do more weights today however I slept on my arms in a weird way on Thursday night and my left arm is still pretty much useless! CRAZY huh?  I can't believe it! It has been noticeable all weekend and I thought that it had gone away - but no.

Has that happened to anyone else or am I just strange?  My arm has been "dead" for days now :(


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