Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween 2011 with Michelle

Saturday night Michelle invited me to a Halloween Party in Waterloo.  When she told me she was dressing up as Wednesday Addams, I immediately thought of my long black maxi dress that I wore to Robbie's Rehearsal Dinner and how I felt like I was channeling Morticia Addams that night anyways.

May I present to you, Morticia and Wednesday Addams!

Isn't Michelle's face just awesome in this photo?

All I needed to buy to complete the outfit was the black wig and a black rose.  Apparently the wig looked pretty genuine on the night and people found it hard to believe I am really a Ginger!

Both Michelle and I remembered how we used to dye our hair so much darker when we were younger.  I even went black at one point.  It must have looked awful as it makes me look deathly pale!

I swear, this is why I call Michelle Bambi (among other things) - her legs go on for MILES!

One of the family (with Michelle's flatmate Anik featuring as Uncle Fester)

Bestie, I love you and this photo of us.  I think we should play dress ups every weekend!

What did you do for Halloween?  Is it something you celebrate where you are?

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