Friday, 7 October 2011

Keen as Mustard!!

This morning when I woke up, I was prepared to get my exercise on!  I walked to work in around 25mins.  I love this time or morning.  Fresh air, feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed while usually listening to whatever "theme song" I am flogging at the minute.  

Exercise @ the gym:
10min warm up on elliptical
3 x 15 sets of wide stance push ups
3 x 10 sets of cable cross over
5 x 10 sets of DB bench press
3 x 10 sets of Include bench press
Some ab work and ....drum roll please..

3 x individual PULL UPS!  I did THREE!! Can you believe it?  Last week on Friday I completed 1 pull up and today I managed to do three.  It was amazing.  My endorphins went crazy all afternoon!

When I got home, the weather turned pretty nasty so I rugged up to complete a quick run.  I didn't need convincing to try out my new Nike running top!  Not only does it look pretty trendy, it kept me warm as well. Very comfortable and a great fit.  

What do you think?

I told you it was a quick run!  Quick in time, not so quick in pace.  After legs day on Wednesday, I could definitely feel the burn and was loving it.  I ran my usual route (but only one lap of the park as it was dark) and high tailed it home when the wind picked up.

We have the arrival of a very special visitor this weekend, so Matt and I needed to get some grocery shopping done before our usual Sunday afternoon shenanigans.  For the second day in a row, this meant that dinner wasn't thought about in great detail - so I had to make do!
I don't usually like microwave meals, but this one seemed OK given the circumstances.  It was 9:30pm by the time we got home and I wasn't feeling a dinner smoothie for the 3rd night in a row.

It was very nice - however not something I am going to be craving again.  Give me a nice home cooked meal any day!


Right, off to have a shower and get prepared for our visitor!  I am serving a salad for dinner as again, we wont be eating until around 8:30-9pm.  I don't mind waiting though :)

Do you have a signature meal that you prepare for special guests or visitors?  My Mum is famous for her lasagne and it is always requested for family dinners.

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