Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Legs day and the absence of a green thumb..


Warm up on treadmill 10mins - 1.65km

2 x 30 Warm up leg extensions with 28kg
2 x 15 Warm up sumo BB squats with 15kg
1 x 12 Sumo BB squats with 30kg
1 x 10 Sumo BB squats with 35kg
2 x 10 Leg press at 61kg
1 x 10 Leg press at 70kg
3 x 20 Seated calf raise with 106kg
3 x 10 Plie DB squat with 14kg

I am pretty stoked about being able to squat with 35kgs on my back.  It felt good as well.  Perhaps next time I need to put a 40kg on there? haha.. No hold on, I need to get used to squatting 30kg and 35kg before going any higher.  I actually think I need a spotter as well to make sure my back isn't twisting etc.  Since I hurt my back a week or so ago, I have been worried about my form and always take it slow and steady while attempting to lift the higher weights.

On a lighter nite (boom boom tish!) - Matt and I are both stoked to have saved our basil plant from the garbage bin. Sorry, but neither of us have a green thumb and when we bought a basil plant from Sainsburys a month or so ago, we used what we needed and didn't really pay too much attention to it afterwards.

The good news is we both started watering it, and talking to it, and now it is back to life! Crazy hey?  It smells amazing and I am so glad we didn't get rid of it. It really looks cute in our kitchen as well :)

And lastly, who else has seen this in the supermarkets?  Very excited to get my hands on this little beauty to put in oats and perhaps on protein pancakes!

Do you have a spotter or some kind of support when lifting heavy at the gym?

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