Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Legs day + snack time

1.6km/1mile in 10min treadmill warmup

Leg extensions 28kg/30 reps x 2 as warm up
Sumo BB squat 15kg/15 reps x 2 as warm up + 25kg/10 reps x 2
Leg press 61kg/10 reps x 4
Calf raise 88kg/20 reps x 1 + 97kg/20 reps x 2
Dumbbell squat 10kg/10 reps x 1 + 12kg/10 reps x 2
BB front lunge 7kg/10 reps x 3

Today at work was pretty busy.  I am glad that I can get my weights done in the gym at lunch time, when it is not super busy :)  I am always super hungry after my workout so thats when I hook into one of my pre-cooked meals.  I always take in some snacks for the day as well.  The usual suspects are apple & cinnamon, yoghurt & agave nectar & cinnamon and a protein muffin.

People at work always walk past my desk and are amused by the fact that I always seem to be shoveling some kind of food into my face. 

On a side note, is it Wednesday already? Where are the weeks going....

What do you take into work for snacks or nibbles?

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