Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lil & Legs Day

Ok so legs day at the gym is usually something that I really look forward to.  Don't get me wrong, I was looking forward to today - but I just felt a little tired (probably from the weekend!) and once I started with my weight, I lost interest easily.

Very strange - but I guess there are those days where it happens to everyone, right?

10min on cross trainer - Random - Level 12

2 x 15 reps of narrow stance BB squats with 15kg
1 x 8 reps of narrow stance leg press with 70kg
3 x 8 reps of narrow stance leg press at 79kg
3 x 8 reps of single leg DB squats with foot on bench and plie DB squat (super set)
2 x 10 reps of leg extensions with 49kg
1 x 5 reps of leg extensions with 56kg
1 x 20 reps of seated calf raise with 115kg
1 x 20 reps of seated calf raise with 124kg
1 x 30 reps of seated calf raise with 124kg
(I will get more defined calf muscles, I swear!)

After work I rushed to catch up with my good mate Lil, who I hadn't seen in quite a few months.  We don't live very close to each other, but I realised last night that I should really make the effort to go and see her more often.  Especially while living in London - I should be making the most of being able to travel and see people :)

We had a drink in Camden and then went to the local Wetherspoon's for a cheap dinner.  I ate pretty well all day, knowing that I wouldn't have the best pick of the food bunch when out and about. 

I went for the veggie burger with chips (first time in a looong time) and a pint of Carling for around 5 pounds.  Bargain!

It was freezing, being out and about by the way.  I think at one point my phone said it was 13degrees?  Lovely! Thanks London :)

Is this change in the weather your big excuse to start wearing your cute leather jackets or big Winter coats? I hate being cold, so I am rugging up in anything and everything :)

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