Monday, 3 October 2011

Manic Monday?

Exercise for the Day
Walk to work - 25mins

Weight training @ Lunch time as follows:
10mins elliptical machine to warm up, level 12, random
Wide grip assisted pullups with 30kg (3 x 8 reps)
One arm upright row with 10kg (3 x 8 reps) & Seated cable rows at 35kg (3 x 8)
Wide grip lat pull down with 28kg (3 x 12) & One arm DB row with 14kg (3 x 8)
Hammer strength lat pull down level 6 (2 x 10 + 1 x 10 @ 7)
Back hyper extensions (3 x 8)

Jog home from work 2.85km in 14mins (must beat this next time!)

The jog home from work was ok, however I really should have adjusted my backpack before setting off.  I was pulling down my t shirt as the straps were not tight enough, therefore it was flopping all over the place.  Very annoying!  Also, my ear phones kept on coming out of my ears.  Aggghhhh!!!!  Next time Gadget! Next time!

P.s Don't I look amazing in my black maxi and back pack?  Very attractive today!

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