Monday, 24 October 2011

Manic Monday..but it ended well

Monday was a pretty tough day at the office.  It is always busy when you have had time off and even a long weekend like mine is enough to throw things out of whack!  Thankfully I made use of the gym at lunch time and managed to get through the day feeling energised and not nearly as wiped out/tired from the weekend as I should have been.

10mins on treadmill - 1.75K warm up

4 reps of 10 Tricep press with 10kg
3 reps of 8 Tricep push down with 21kg
3 reps of 10 Skull crushers with 10kg
1 rep of 10 Close grip DB bench press with 8kg + 2 reps of 10 with 9kg
4 reps of 10 Incline DB curl with 7kg
1 rep of 8 Alternating bicep curl with 7kg + 3 reps of 8 with 8kg

I was supposed to do Abs today but had a little catch up chat with the lovely trainer at my gym and to be honest, I needed that more than I needed 200 crunches.

Dinner tonight was Caesar salad.  Yummo!  I am not really a fan of this salad when dining out, but for some reason, being made at home just improves the taste and overall enjoyment of it... is that weird or is it just me?  Perhaps it is also because I love/hate cooking chicken and I need it to be just right.

The chicken was seasoned and left overnight in the fridge to make sure there was flavour everywhere.

The dressing we used was Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Light Dressing.

Homemade croutons as well along with red peppers, lettuce, green onion, beetroot and some feta cheese.

A drink of Vitamin C and Jersey shore = great dinner and entertainment.  I used to hate Jersey Shore, now I feel like I am related to them somehow and I literally spend half the episodes laughing out loud.

Have you ever hated a TV show and refused to watch it?  Then, did it grow on you and now you love it?

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