Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One of the most intense rainbows I have ever seen!

Tuesday was yet another tough day at the office.  I am still catching up on some work that needed to be done from when I was off on  Friday.  The joys of growing up and having jobs that hold you responsible for things hey? ;)

10mins on cross trainer, random setting, level 13 warm up

2 x 15 reps of narrow squats with 15kg (warm up)
2 x 10 reps of narrow squats with 35kg
4 x 8 reps of narrow stance leg press with 79kg
3 x 8 reps of single leg DB squat + plie DB squat with 10kg
2 x 20 reps of seated calf raise at 124kg and 1 x 30 reps at 124kg
3 x 10 reps of leg extensions at 49kg
3 x 10 reps of lying leg curls at 25kg

When I got back to my desk I ate my lunch and got stuck back into work.  It started to cloud over outside and before we knew it, there was one of the most intense rainbows I have ever seen outside! It was just beautiful and I really wish that I had taken a photo that did it some justice.

I love rainbows.... especially since I love Katy Perry's Firework right now and in the lyrics she sings "after a hurricane, comes a rainbow".  Makes me smile!

Is there a song that is making you smile right now?  To be honest, I need all the smiles I can get at the moment and Katy Perry is helping me through with Firework :)

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  1. Only another few days to get through before the weekend - woohoo!!! nik x