Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A painful blessing

Saturday morning I went for a quick run before coming home to get ready for Robbie's pre-wedding do.  I fueled up on my usual breakfast of oats and set out for a quick canter.


As you can see, the run was neither long or fast - but I still felt like I needed to get something in before starting such a long day (that I knew would be full of party food and drinks etc).
There was frost everywhere in the park - London is about to work us all over with Winter.  I can feel it in my bones!

Chatting to my Sister the other night, we agreed that the little glimpse of summer that we have each year is what sucks people into London for longer than they want to be here.  It is just long enough for you to forget the hell, that is Winter.  Then.  Before you know it.  It is upon you again.  Sounds dramatic.  But that is how it is!  (From a totally unbiased Aussie, of course)

P.s While I was out running, I felt an eye lash in my eye.  I know you are all thinking, yeah ouch that happens to me all the time.  But you need to understand. I have been blessed with the longest eye lashes ever. This sucker is a SMALL lash (thank goodness) - so you can imagine my pain when a big one makes it way into my eye!  agghhh...

Are you blessed with something similar?  Do you save money on mascara and false lashes, only to endure pain for your blessing, every once in a while? :)

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