Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pesto Chicken for Five Please!

This week I felt like something a little different for lunches.  Well, you know, same same but different!

Enter the light green pesto!  I had been craving some pesto for around a week now and I couldn't wait for Sunday shopping to come around.  Although my sister was here, she didn't mind catching up on some work while I slaved away over a hot stove.  For a grand total of around 20mins :)

I always make sure I weigh everything and really recommend that you do too.  These are the scales I have and they can be found here.

For this week I used the following ingredients:

My cooking routine is pretty easy.  We buy the veggies frozen from Sainsburys or Tesco.  It is much cheaper and to tell you the truth, fresh veggies tend to go off in our house.  We buy things with good intentions then all of a sudden, we get an invite to go out for dinner or we make too much of something so we have left overs etc.  I hate wasting, so we buy frozen.

I weigh out all the veggies, pour some boiling water over them in the bowls and leave while I chop and cook the chicken, onion and pasta.

I spoon everything out into my tupperware and then place 3 in the freezer and 2 in the fridge. I take the frozen ones out of the freezer the night before I need them so they have a chance to defrost.

How do you prepare for your week?  Do you mind eating the same thing for lunch each day or do you prefer to mix it up?

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