Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit - Friday night

You may remember from yesterday's post that the wedding celebrations and events, were to start on Friday night.  The rehearsal dinner.  Now, I knew about the dinner but thought it was only for the bridal party and family.  Well, according to both Robbie and I, we are related so I was lucky enough to score an invite to the evening.

I have to say, I am glad that I was not at work yesterday so I could at least wash my hair and get my nails done!  Thanks to my beautiful sister of course (who bought me a manicure voucher on her last visit to London).

 I decided on wearing this lovely maxi dress from Top Shop.  I haven't worn it in a while (its pretty glam when you pair it with heels) so figured this would be the best opportunity for it to come out of hiding.  You can see it has 3/4 sleeves and a very low cut back.  Just beautiful.

My nails were painted a dark blue-ish colour and I went with classic black eye liner, red lippie and black studded wedges.  Simple jewellery and straight hair.

The dinner was lovely and I enjoyed a sweet potato salad as an appetiser with baked salmon,  cucumber salad as a main and a few glasses of wine of course;)

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