Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Running Partner!

I can not tell you how awesome it was to have a running partner on Saturday morning.

Yay for my sister being here :)  Even though the weather was decidedly average - we put our kit on and got out there.  I was super excited to show her around my new digs, especially since the leaves are starting to come off the trees and the scenery is beautiful.

Do you think we look alike?  I am pleased to be approx. 0.5inches taller (because my head is massive and my hair is boofy) and we totally have the same nose.  
My sister is amazing in so many ways.  She ran 1 x 5k and 1 x 10k Race for Life in London, the Two Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town and completed the training for 2 full marathons (Berlin and Amsterdam) but had to pull out due to injury.  She is also completing a 10k trail run in Cape Town when she returns in a week or so.  Very Cool!

I love running on my own, but dang this was a nice change :)  Also, the Nike running jacket I bought performed brilliantly and I was again, super warm.  Winning!

Do you prefer running solo or with a partner?


  1. Great run, and I love your jacket too!

  2. you guys definitely look alike!! good looking genes!