Thursday, 13 October 2011

Saturday night out on the town.. I mean, at home in front of the TV

While my sister was here over the weekend, we had a list of things to do.

One of those things, was to enjoy my famous enchiladas!  I usually make them with low fat turkey, but to be honest, the chicken was on special at Sainsburys and we always take advantage of a bargain.
  • 8 Wholemeal plain wraps
  • 500g of chicken
  • Light cheddar cheese over the top
  • 400g tinned tomato
  • 1/2 packet of fajita spices
  • Chopped mixed peppers
  • Sprinkle of left over feta cheese and the other half of a red onion that wasn't used in the salad

We each enjoyed 2 dinner-chiladas while rugging up at home.  We decided, as much as we would like to put the heating on, it IS only October and it would be caving in too early.  We had to make do with IKEA throws and hoodies.

In keeping with the theme of our special visitor, we felt we had to welcome Jill into our neighborhood properly.  This meant we had to buy milkshakes from our local ShakeTastic.  Yes I know I just said we were all freezing, but you can still enjoy a cold milkshake when you are snuggled under a blanket right?

Jill opted for a soy milk/soy ice cream milkshake with chocolate orange pieces and smarties on top.  She is so much healthier than I am.

I went for the Reeces Peanut Butter Cup milkshake with Oreo dust on top.

What is your favorite milkshake?  Do you have a thought process that goes into deciding what flavor to order?

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