Monday, 31 October 2011

Set Fire Workout - BodyRock.Tv

This morning I set my alarm to get out of bed at 6am to complete a workout.  I knew it would be a tricky thing to do since it is so cold and dark these days at 6am - but I would rather be working out in my lounge room than going out for a run outside.  I kinda of saw it as the lesser of two evils.  Right? ;)

The workout today was the Set Fire Workout.  My scores are below:

1. Mountain Jump Lunge (2 jump lunges and 2 mountain climbers counts as 1 set) - 5-5-5-5
2. Sliding Push Ups – 11-9-9-10
3. Mountain Jump Lunges – 5-5.5-5-5
4. Crunch Scissors – 9-11-9-10
5. Mountain Jump Lunges – 5-5-5-5
6. Reverse Push Up & Knee Tuck – 10.5-13-14-12
Note:  I don't have a dip station so I completed regular pushups with a knee tuck instead of reverse push ups

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