Thursday, 13 October 2011

The best sunday dinner ever - sweet potato fries and salmon

On Sunday night, we were still lucky enough to have our special visitor.  We made the effort to make  another special meal that included my favorite sweet potato fries!

This weekend has been good in so many ways.  Great company, great shopping, great food, great running partner and the best thing of all - just chilling with my sister.

Now, since Jill is the champion of preparing salmon - I was more than happy to hand the seasoning reins over to her for the evening.  We had taken some salmon out of the freezer on Sunday morning, in preparation for the evenings meal.

Jill made a fantastic honey soy glaze/sauce to bake the salmon in while I chopped and fried some home made sweet potato fries in the pan.  I seasoned the fries with paprika and cayenne pepper.

Our side salad consisted of a barely ripe avocado (I miss Aussie Avocado's!), left over asparagus and green onion, fresh leaves and left over salad dressing.  Just for something new (as if we didn't already have a bonanza of flavors on our plate anyways) - we crumbed some left over feta on top of the fries.  I told you we don't like any kind of food waste in this house.

Isn't this salmon cooked to perfection?

We only have a small coffee table in front of our TV, but we fit perfectly and enjoyed a red wine while watching Dirt (a TV series that Jill had bought from HMV on Saturday).

Desert was a hybrid of sorts.  We had made the Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake on Saturday and by the time Sunday came around, we were keen to spoon it onto ginger nut biscuits as desert.  It looks a bit messy but it was very tasty!

Oh and Jill surprised us by braiding her own hair during Dirt.  Flashbacks to the 90's anyone?  I don't know about you but I miss braids, leggings and flanno shirts and most of all... fluoro.  Not.  That part was a joke.  I have red hair remember!

P.s she did a darn good job of it as well!

What do you miss from the 90's? Skilfully braiding your own hair?

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