Monday, 28 November 2011

A cold, cold morning.

Saturday morning I woke up on a mission.  I knew that I wanted to go running as this week has been somewhat busy for me.  I also posted the other day that I wanted to incorporate more running into my workouts again so what better way to finish the year, than to have a head start on next years goals?

I am not really a fan of setting goals for the new year.  If I want something done, I may as well give myself the best possible chance of getting it done and start it right now.

I started the morning with some oats (as per usual!).   The only difference was that I hadn't been able to get to the store since I ran out of soy milk and peanut butter.  Horror!  I had to make these oats with water and strawberry preserves.

It was no peanut butter and soy milk specialty, but it was actually a really good substitute!  I am surprised.

So this is how I would like to go out running right now.  Crop and capris.  NO WAY.  It was around 6degrees when I set out and my goodness.  I could even feel it in my chest.  It has been a long time since I went running in that kind of cold.

The first half of my run I basically set out to get to the destination at around 90% pace.  I was pretty pleased with myself as I felt that I could have kept going a little bit more, even at this faster than usual pace.

I turned around and came back home again and boy oh boy.  My chest felt tight.  It was freezing and I was really struggling to get a decent amount of air into my chest.  I was trying to force myself to breath through my nose and out through my mouth - it took all I had to do that!

The run back was intervals.  Jogging, running, walking and some hills (I went off the side of the road and back a few times).

I am officially adding some things to my Christmas wish list:
  • Thermal running tights
  • Thermal running jacket
  • Running gloves
  • Running headband to keep my ears warm
Right, now off to get ready to spend the day with Michelle.  We are shopping, dying my hair, eating and might even see a movie!

What is on your Christmas list? Are you like me and pretty much asking for loads of fitness and health related items?

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