Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A day of mixed emotions

Tuesday... Wow.. What a day!  I was hoping for an easier day after yesterday's cracking start to the week.  Alas, I was wrong.  Very wrong.

I woke up early again to complete another BodyRock.Tv workout as I knew the day would be busy and horrible at work.  Also, I still felt a bit sniffly and was hoping that it would go away if I ignored it.  Sadly, it hasn't and now I just feel like I can't breathe properly.  Bugger.

It was a day of mixed emotions to say the least.

After my BodyRock.Tv workout I made myself some pumpkin spice oatmeal.  It turned out OK, but the recipe needs tweaking before I share it with you.  Rest assured, it was definitely tasty enough to scoff down in around 60seconds.

10mins on cross trainer, random, level 13 as a warm up

2 x 15 reps of narrow stance squats with 15kg
2 x 10 reps of squats with 35kg
3 x 8 reps of narrow stance leg press with 79kg
4 x 8 reps of single leg BB squat with 8kg
3 x 10 reps of leg extensions with 56kg
3 x 20 reps of seated calf raise with 124kg
3 x 12 reps of hanging knee raises
2 pull ups

I rushed home as I thought that the landlord was going to come and sort out the heating in this flat.  Turns out he texted me and said he will not be able to make it until Thursday.  Thanks for the heads up!  Now that's two nights where I have to cancel plans.
I prepared lunches for myself for the rest of the week since I was at home.  I just used some chicken, wholewheat penne, peas and a garlic sauce.  Nothing special and a lack of veggies this week unfortunately.  I look forward to going shopping on the weekend as the cupboards need restocking pretty badly!

I also made some of my yummy Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins.  They are a winner and I suggest you get cracking and make some of your own!

On a side note I won a prize at the gym for being dedicated to exercise.  It's nice to know that other people notice the effort you put in, isn't it?

Now, off to bang my head against the wall for another day.  Well, it's not that bad - maybe it's just because I am feeling a bit sick.  Cough....Sigh... Bleh! hehe

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