Sunday, 6 November 2011

Enchilada Roulette - for five

This weekend was an amazing weekend :)

It all started on Friday night when I met up with some girls from various work places for a drink at Camden.  We had the best time catching up and it was so good to see my bestie Michelle as well.

I still managed to get the last tube home after a pretty funny night (dancing at the Black Heart, head banging at The Underworld etc) - which was a relief.  Since I live in North London it is quite a mission to get home when the tube isn't running.

Sunday I went for a run with someone who isn't used to running.  Of course, I encouraged my friend to listen to their body and even followed some of the tips on running for beginners that I put together.  It was great and I really hope this person gets the running bug now :)

Sunday for me is also food preparation day.  So I got busy making some of my amazing Protein Muffins (with Reeces Pieces in the middle instead of dark chocolate this time) and my lunches for the week.

Enchiladas!  YAY!  I am so excited about this.

400g of chicken
8 wraps
Mixed peppers
Kidney beans (in or out of chili)
Left over pumpkin
Brown onion
Light cheddar cheese
Chopped tomatoes in sauce

I used chicken thighs because it was cheaper at Sainsbury's and we all know what it's like being on a budget.  After cooking the chicken and onion in a pan on the stove, I prepared the enchiladas on the counter before putting them into a baking dish.  
I used bits and bobs of everything really.  I see it as making myself "enchilada roulette" for lunch.  Some of them have more pumpkin and beans than chicken, some of them have more chicken than pumpkin and onions etc.

I was pretty pleased with myself but as you can see, the portions got a bit askew towards the end there.  The last four on the left are kind of counted as two lunches.   I was going to save some of the wraps for possible snacks during the week, but then figured I may as well go all out and mix it up.  No left over ingredients here today!  

I topped with some grated cheese and put into the oven for around 20mins or so on 170deg c.

Don't they just look a treat?  My goodness they smelled amazing as well.

I can't wait for lunches this week.  It's been a while since I prepared this meal and I know I will remember why its an all time favorite as soon as I dig in today.

I am off to the gym now for a run on the treadmill and a few rounds on the punching bag.  I need to punch it out today :)

What exercise do you enjoy for relieving stress?  When you exercise, can you switch off completely from everything that has been bothering you?

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