Saturday, 12 November 2011

Good Feeling Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Saturday morning I got home and decided it was time to sweat out some of the drinks I had on Friday night :)  What better way than to get a BodyRock.Tv workout done?

Today I chose to complete the Good Feeling Workout.  

Click on the link or video below to see the instructions.  My scores are as follows:

UGI Punch:  34 - 32
Frog burpee:  19 - 20
Side forward lunge right:  9 - 9
Side forward lunge left:  9.5 - 10
Sumo pushup:  13 - 17
Knee raises:  17 - 20

Notes:  I don't have an UGI ball so I just used a couch pillow.  I also do not have a sandbag so I used my 7.5kg dumbbell.  For the dip station I used my kitchen benches as per usual :)  Enjoy and good luck!

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