Monday, 28 November 2011

Hot Body on Me workout - BodyRock.Tv

Sunday after my run I decided to complete one of the new BodyRock.Tv workouts - Hot Body On Me Workout and BodyRocker Kyla - it was a killer in disguise!

My scores are below:

1. Speed Skater Squats with the Sandbag – 25/21/22
2. Reverse 1 Leg Pull up with the Dip station – 17/14/14
3. 3 Pike Presses and 5 Ski Jumps over the sandbag – 4.5/3.5/3.5
4. Ugi Star Planks – 16/15/17

Notes:  I don't have a sandbag so I used my 7.5kg dumbbell.  I do not have a dip station so I completed regular push ups with arm raises (sumo push ups).  I do not have an Ugi ball so I completed the star planks on my elbows (as per regular plank).

I hope that you guys out there also make up modifications for when you don't have a piece of equipment they are using?  I used to be able to complete reverse push ups under my table when I was living in Shoreditch, however the table at my new place is not nearly as sturdy and therefore I can not use it how I want to! haha.  Funny, I use my dining table more for exercise than I do for eating food.

Also, I really like how they are bringing in new hosts etc.  I still love Zuzana (100%) but I think its a nice way to involve the whole BodyRock community and keep the site looking fresh and new with the changes that Zuzana and Freddy have gone through with their personal lives.  

Did you BodyRock this weekend?  Which workout did you complete? 

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