Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I need to buy new clothes for Christmas...

This was my outfit for Tuesday. I love being able to wear whatever I want to work ;)  We have important visitors coming Thursday and Friday this week, so I will be trying to dress a little smarter then.  However in the meantime, I will continue to dress like I am 16.

  • Lacoste black loafers
  • Black opaque tights from Primark
  • Black shorts & leopard belt from Primark
  • Guns n Roses tee shirt from H&M
  • Black cardigan from H&M
  • Black trench from H&M
  • Blue scarf and beanie from New Looks
  • Gloves from Forever 21

Posting my outfits some of the time on here is making me realise that:
A) I need new clothes B) I need to wear more colour and C) I am lucky I do not have a corporate job.

How often to you buy clothes and actually wear them?  Do you ever buy things with good intentions and then only wear them once before giving them away?

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