Monday, 7 November 2011

Is it November already? Wow...

Monday was a great day for me!  I woke up early to get a few things done online before getting a lift into work at around 8am to use the gym.  What a luxury!

I packed my Enchilada, yogurt and agave nectar, 2 apples and 2 protein muffins up before we left. I am such a child. But you know what?  This is the best way to make sure you eat the right foods in the day.  Be prepared and plan ahead!  Then you won't be tempted to get a snack from a machine or cafe etc.

15min on the treadmill at level 10 or higher, incline between 1 and 3
20mins on the punching bag (again!) - 2mins on 30sec off
As per last time, I did various combos like these:
Jab cross left kick, cross hook right kick
Only punching
3 punches then an elbow and knee etc

Lunch time I went back to the gym to complete my lifting for the day
10mins cross trainer, level 13, random
4 x 8 reps of tricep press with 10kg + 4 x 8 reps of alternating bicep curl with 8kg
3 x 8 reps of tricep push down with 21kg + 3 x 3 reps of skull crushers with 10kg
3 x 8 reps of close grip BB bench press with 10kg
4 x 8 reps of incline DB curl with 8kg
3 x 12 knee raises
2 x pull ups

Tell you what, spending 20mins on the punching bag definitely gets your metabolism going for the day and my god, when I got upstairs at 9am to my desk, I pretty much wanted to eat a horse! What's new though eh?

Work was great since my beautiful desk neighbor is back from her holiday.  Pretty sure the empty desk next to me was a reason why last week sucked so badly haha.  So overall, it was a good start to the work week :)

Dinner was left over Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread.  I didn't think I was too hungry but the smell of this little puppy heating up in the microwave changed my mind.

I never used to be a fan of garlic bread, but now for some reason I am all over it like a rash.  Funny how your taste buds change over time.

A few episodes of Jersey Shore Season 3 later (I know you love it!) - I was craving something sweet.  Remember back just a little bit, how I said I thought I wasn't hungry? Pfft.. 

I made myself a quick smoothie - they are never as naughty as they taste :)

Soy milk, 1 small frozen banana, 1 small spoon of protein powder, agave nectar, peanut butter and ice

Perfect end to a great start to the week ;)  Now, tomorrow is flu jab day.  I am nervous.  I hate needles, though you never would think that about me.

Can you handle needles?  Are you ok when you give blood? The last time I gave blood, I fainted!

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