Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monday - change of plan

Monday I was supposed to do arms and abs at the gym, however I was a little stressed out and really felt like just running on the treadmill.  I didn't realise that was going to happen until I ran past my usual 1.6km/10min limit and felt fine with it.

I didn't plan on running, I just felt like I needed to let off a little steam.  

I set the incline to around 1.5-3 on the treadmill and ran anywhere between 9 and 12 for the speed.

I felt like I had run more than 5K however that is probably just because I haven't been doing much cardio lately.  My weights program doesn't suggest I do lots of cardio right now as I am trying to build muscle - but I realised today I really miss running.  

Noted.  Will get into running more and start re-setting some running goals for myself.
I know I would love to run a sub 2hour half marathon and also a sub 25min 5K.

Needless to say, after my run I was sweaty and disgusting.  My hair went frizzy and my face was red for hours afterwards.  Gross.  Also, something disgusting for you to think about.... one of my toe nails had dug into the toe next to it, causing it to bleed a little.  I forgot to bring spare socks.  Ewwwww... Runner girl problems? Yeah, I got em ;)

What are your running goals?  Have you booked any races for next year?

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