Saturday, 12 November 2011

My own lifting circuit and Charlie's Birthday

Today has been super productive for me already - all before midday ;)

I have already done two loads of washing, washed my hair, vacuumed the flat, exercised etc.  I feel like I have done a days work and am looking forward to relaxing in a little bit to paint my nails and watch a movie.

Friday was a very good day.  My left thigh is still a little tender from legs day this week so I decided to mix it up at the gym and pick out some lifting exercises that I love and make my own lifting day.

10min warm up on treadmill, incline between 1 and 3, speed around 10ish

3 x 20 reps of seated calf raise with 124kg
3 x 10 reps of lateral pull down with 21kg and 28kg (last 2 sets only)
3 x 10 reps of seated cable row with 35kg
3 x 10 reps of seated tricep press with 12kg
3 x 10 reps of tricep push down with 28kg and alternating bicep curl with 8kg
3 x 12 reps of knee raises and 1 pullup
Ab exercises with regular situps, oblique situps, bicycles, half curl, c sit rotations, toe touches, crazy ivans etc

I was pretty hungry when I got back to my desk and it didn't take long for me to wolf down the last of my Enchiladas.  Man, I am going to have to make those again.  They were so tasty, especially with the beans and pumpkin as a nice surprise in some of them.

The day finished at 4:30pm and I rushed home to get ready for Charlie's birthday drinks in at The Market Place near Oxford Circus.  It was so good to see all the girls and of course, my bestie Michelle was there too!  

 Oxford Street looks so beautiful this time of year - Christmas is coming!

The drinks were super expensive (6pound for a vodka soda?!!) so Michelle and I decided it would be more economical to indulge in one of these babies.  Jealous? You should be.  It was amazing.

I love how this is an action shot of us actually drinking and not just holding the straws to our mouths.  We were into that drink pretty quickly!

Agghh Michelle you are so pretty!!

I don't know what these were but they were very tasty.  I haven't had shots in a long time and Charlie bought these in a round for everyone.  Did they have alcohol in them?  Didn't taste like it ;)

Now, off to do my nails and relax.  Have a great weekend!

Do you have a day every now and then that is just purely, admin type jobs?  Do you love it or hate it? 

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