Monday, 14 November 2011

Salmon with Strawberry Soy Glaze

Monday night I decided to take the salmon out of the freezer and try something new.  Well, with the salmon anyways!  Not with my beloved sweet potato fries :)

I started by peeling the giant spud and cutting it into chip type portions.

I tend to cut the potato in half, then half again, then half again etc until they look like chips/fries.

I seasoned the potato with some cayenne pepper, chilli powder, paprika, pepper, salt and a dash of olive oil.

I get in there with my hands and mush everything around so they are all nicely coated with the spices.  Pop those in the oven at around 200degrees for roughly 20mins.  You will need to check on them and toss them around a little to crisp them up.  I love when they are slightly burnt around the edges - but its personal choice really ;)

For a side dish I prepared some broccoli, onions and peas in a fry pan along with some soy sauce just for a bit of seasoning.  Toss them around for a bit to make sure the onion sweats and the greens are covered.

The glaze was a mixture of a few teaspoons of strawberry preserve and light soy sauce.  I mixed it up in a bowl and heated in the microwave once the salmon was cooked.

To cook the salmon, I usually season with salt and pepper and bake in the oven - covered in tin foil to keep the juices in.

Throw everything together and ta da!

I loved this dinner tonight.  The glaze was very sweet, but I really liked it (are you surprised?)  If you don't want it to be as sweet perhaps you can try and add some white vinegar to the strawberry preserve and not prepare as much as I did.

You have to admit - it does look pretty good doesn't it?

While the salmon, fries and greens were cooking away, I quickly prepared some basic cookies for desert.

They are so quick and easy (healthy too!).  I always devour them as soon as they are out of the oven.  I am surprised I had the restraint to actually take some pics before I gobbled them up.

I baked them for just a few minutes too long, but they were prefect.  Just that right amount of crispness, but soft on the inside.  Like a Subway cookie.  Those are the best aren't they?

What is your favorite way to prepare salmon? Have you tried it with a sweet glaze before?

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