Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silent Killer Workout - BodyRock.Tv

Tuesday morning and look who is up at 6am again to complete a BodyRock workout? This girl right here!  Keen or what?

Today I choose the Silent Killer workout - which cracks me up seeing as Zuzana almost called it the "silent but deadly" workout before she was informed of what that meant to the rest of us.

I used my 7.5kg DB instead of a sandbag and my scores are below:
Lunge squat left:  23-28
Squat:  30-24
Lunge squat right:  22-20
Squat:  27-22
Reverse pushup:  16.5-19 (I completed regular pushups with a knee raise)
Squat:  25-25
Knee raise:  20-25 (I completed these on my kitchen benches)
Squat:  26-25
Weighted crunch:  28-34
Squat:  25-31

Now, off for some breakfast and to get on with my busy day!

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