Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday catch ups!

Wow. Where has the week gone? Again?  I am pretty sure I said the same thing around this time last week.  I really need to stop saying it...

Tuesday went by so quickly that by the time Wednesday was over, I had no idea what day it was.  I am really hoping that it is this time of year and not some kind of deeper mental issue I have going on ;)

Tuesday was chest day at the gym
10min warm up, cross trainer, Random, Level 13

4 x 8 reps of the below exercises
Cable cross over level 3
Incline DB press with 9kg + tricep dips
DB flies with 6kg + DB bench press with 10kg
Tricep push down with 21kg

After work I came home and watched a romantic comedy... It was nothing special, but kind of hit the spot for me.

Wednesday was my favorite day - legs day!
10min warm up, treadmill, speed around 10, incline between 1.5 and 3

Narrow stance squats with 15kg
Narrow stance squats with 35kg
*Apparently I need to work on my squats so next legs day I am going to reduce the weight and work more on my form
Narrow stance leg press with 79kg
Seated calf raises with 124kg
Leg extensions with 56kg
Single leg DB lunges with leg on bench with 8kg + plie squat with 14kg
3 x 12 knee raises + 1 pull up
2 pull ups in a row

Wednesday night I met a friend for dinner and a drink around Trafalgar Square in central London.  It was lovely, however really cold.  It made me miss home a lot.

Remembering when I could just drive my car to get some kind of take out food, go park by a beach somewhere, listen to music through the car stereo, enjoy an amazing view and talking so much we should have solved the worlds problems.

I took this picture overlooking Curl Curl beach, north of Sydney on Australia's East Coast.  Isn't it beautiful?

We got talking about goals and things to do next year.  I guess right now in my life I have been focused on what is happening now and just trying to get by as best as I can.  This is not something I usually like to do - however we all need to adjust the way we live to what is happening around us every day.  

I am going to spend some time over the next week to write out some goals for next year and an action plan to make sure I give myself the best possible chances to get them done.

Do you have anything that you would like to tick off your "to do" list?  How high do you set your goals?

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