Friday, 18 November 2011

Two very exciting things to end the week

Today a few very exciting things happened.

Firstly, I got to the gym at around 12:45pm to start my workout.
10mins, cross trainer, Random, Level 13

4 x 8 reps of the below exercises
Arnold DB press with 9kg
Seated bent over rear delt raise with 6kg
Standing palm in DB press with 7kg
Front DB raise with 5kg
Standing upright DB row with 10kg
Side lateral raise with 6kg
3 x 12 knee raises + 1 pull up
A few more pull ups!

I left work after the gym to go and meet my sister for her first dress fitting.  Very exciting stuff.

On the way to the train station I stopped off at Costa and got myself the first latte I have had in probably a year. I was inspired by Sweet Tooth Runner to try one of the gingerbread lattes.

It was very tasty however buying coffee really isn't my thing.  First off, I am always broke and would prefer to spend my money on other things.  Secondly, the caffeine just about spins me off the planet since I forget to ask for decaf.  Fail!

Man I love being in London sometimes.  The architecture just blows me away.  This isn't even an important building and it still manages to look awesome on a blue sky day.

The dress fitting went smoothly and it looks absolutely stunning.  I mean, when you look like my sister, you can pretty much wear a garbage bag and still look stunning so it was bound to be an easy task.

I arrived back home around 6pm ish and curled up in front of "Friends with Benefits" with a smoothie.  Now that's my idea of a relaxing Thursday night ;)

Is there an exercise at the gym that you think you will never be able to do?  Have you set any fitness goals to work towards?

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